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name: Derek

age: 17

location: jax, fl

favorite bands: derek trucks band, the beatles, john coltrane, miles davis, mccoy tyner, neal alger, elvis costello, john lennon, george harrison, bob dylan, bob marley, buddy guy, tom petty and the heartbreakers, there are SO many i cant even begin to name them all...

least favorite bands: britney spears/christina aguilaira (those types of performers), the hives, almost all rap, pop-country, a lot of commercialized music (not that commercial music in general is bad, but most of the commercial music that is out now isnt very good)

play any instruments: mainly guitar, bass, some mandolin, a little keyboard & drums

list something neat about yourself: i am very open to music; i hav a love affair with music.

20 best songs (in no particular order)

  1. "afro blue" - mongo santamaria
  2. "song for my father" - horace silver
  3. "space is the place" - sun ra
  4. "superstition" - stevie wonder
  5. "freddie's dead" - curtis mayfield
  6. "my funny valentine" - chet baker
  7. "strange fruit" - billie holiday
  8. "watching the detectives" - elvis costello
  9. "layla" - derek & the dominoes
  10. "i shot the sheriff" - bob marley
  11. "hurricane" - bob dylan
  12. "oye como va" - santana
  13. "impressions" - john coltrane
  14. "across the universe" - the beatles
  15. "the devil and the deep blue sea" - george harrison
  16. "imagine" - john lennon
  17. "so what" - miles davis   
  18. "masqualero" - wayne shorter
  19. "how blue can you get" - bb king
  20. "giant steps" - joe pass (his version of coltrane's classic)

top five albums (also in no particular order)

  1. sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band - the beatles l
  2. ive at the georgia theatre - derek trucks band
  3. kind of blue - miles davis
  4. cruel smile - elvis costello
  5. a love supreme - john coltrane

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